Plaza del Ángel

Londres 161, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Nestled in the heart of the Zona Rosa (“Pink Zone”) is a small shopping plaza that has a particular feel and flavor, it’s the Plaza del Ángel that specializes in antiques and is the favored destination for antique collectors and renovators (every big city has them). The plaza sits more exactly on the city block that’s between the streets of Amberes and Florencia and has access on either Hamburgo or Londres streets, it’s a bright red two-story building that has the name Plaza del Ángel on its facade, it really is a can’t miss. Inside the plaza, there are several stores catering to their antique loving loyal patrons, and anybody who has ever wandered through these kinds of antique shops knows that the excitement in visiting them comes from feeling one is in some kind of treasure hunt, you never know what kind of gorgeous (maybe even historic or invaluable) piece of furniture might be waiting just for you.

Furniture, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, vases of every shape and size, crockery, and many more items in all kinds of style from the art deco of the roaring 20s to baroque to the colonial period. There are pieces of work from renowned Mexican and international artists, either contemporary or from the past, and every shop presents its antiques and paintings as if they were part of an exhibition gallery at a museum, they’re really proud of their antique wares! The shop owners are usually the ones minding the store, but regardless all the staff inside the shops of the plaza are friendly and willing to give out any information, even little known facts or peculiar data, about their products. The Plaza del Ángel is a special place that enthralls both history buffs and aesthetes, a meeting point of sorts for both of them.

There are shops inside the plaza that also repair or provide restoration for antique pieces of work, so you can visit this locale even if it’s in the case of an expensive emergency, hopefully, that won’t be the case. Saturdays can get a little hectic, and there are even vendors outside of the Plaza on the sidewalks trying to get in on the action too. The Plaza del Ángel is in the Zona Rosa which is littered with other types of shops and restaurants, from fast food to fine dining. Make sure to at least take a peek if you’re already inside the area, who knows what kind of treasure could be waiting just for you.


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