Pista el Sope

Bosque de Chapultepec II Secc 11100 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Exercising and living a healthy lifestyle is a priority for many residents of Mexico City, and as such, the city has made several efforts in the last few decades to provide open-air and indoor exercising spaces that can cater to any kind of workout routine. Almost every park includes a play area for children with a jungle gym for them to climb and explore, as well as an exercise area for adults with several pieces of workout equipment, and at least one lane of running track that most times circumvents the park and is made from some material that’s good for jogging and running. Running tracks are commonplace everywhere in the city, some would even say the whole city could be considered as a running track full of sights to see, but for a quality running track that’s been designed and built for the person who likes to cram their daily run in their busy day, there’s the Pista el Sope.

Pista el Sope is one of the most concurred running tracks in the city and one of the most beloved by runners, it’s located in the second section of the Parque de Chapultepec and is comprised of two separate running circuits, one of 1,200 meters and the other one of 850 meters, as well as a 100-meter track for sprints. The surface of the tracks are made of “tezontle” which is a reddish volcanic rock that has been pulverized to a fine texture, this makes the impact of jogging and/or running go easier on the joints, especially your ankles and knees; there are sprinklers around the track that spray a little water every now and then so the finely pulverized material stays well-grounded and doesn’t become too volatile.

The track is well-lit thanks to lights that are powered by solar light, and also available are several drinking fountains that purify their water through the use of ultraviolet rays and also have a cooling system installed, so you can get a cold gulp of fresh water every time you think you need a break. The track is not that far away from Metro station “Constituyentes”, especially if you provide your workout with a head start and jog some 20 minutes from the station to the track, otherwise, an Uber would be the best choice, as well as taking a bike (there’s a “bike park” available). The track at Pista el Sope not only provides you with well-maintained open air space for your workout but you can easily skip over to the landmarks like the Fuente de Tlaloc (“Tlaloc Fountain”), or those attractive 3 water towers in front of the Papalote museum.


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