Pico del Águila

The tallest point in Mexico City can be found in the mountain range of the Ajusco volcano on the southern edge of the city, Pico del Águila is the tallest peak within this mountainous range and it stands at 3,937 meters over sea level. The foothills of the mountain are a popular destination for hiking, but once you get to a certain point things get more serious and you’ll need rappel gear if you want to reach the proverbial mountain top. The Pico de Águila is located next to the Picacho-Ajusco scenic highway, and the Xitle Volcano, as well as the Bosque del Ajusco (“Ajusco Forest”) at the very southern limits of Mexico City. It’s a popular destination for tourists and travelers with a taste for ecotourism and adventure tourism. Not only is it a destination for experienced climbers, but more casual nature enthusiasts can enjoy the hiking trails and the biggest zipline in the city, which has you zooming through the sky at 3,425 meters above sea level and traveling a distance of 300 meters long.

Hiking along the trails is a tamer experience but also presents beautiful views of the valley down below and the forest trees filled with firs and the oyamel plant and the zacatonal grassy areas that are endemic to the ecoregion of central Mexico. From the “Abrevadero” restaurant located in the hiking trail of the Ajusco, it’s usually a 2 to 4 hours trip to the top of Pico del Águila, the trail is marked and even though it may appear a little confusing at first, the trail becomes notably more marked once you travel a little bit further, the inclination up the mountain becomes noticeably steeper one you pass the grasslands. The recommended gear for this hiking experience is hiking boots, trekking poles, a helmet, 3 liters of water, snacks, and a warm jacket.

It’s also recommended that if you plan to reach the summit of the Pico del Águila you travel in a group of no less than 4 people, and be in good physical shape as it’s quite a feat to reach the cross located at the very top. It’s also widely recommended to take a guide with you or someone with significant experience at Pico del Águila, as there have been cases of accidents and people getting lost just because they don’t know the terrain very well.

The summit of Pico del Águila used to be covered in snow in years past but recent developments in climate change have left the mountaintop without snow for some time, but even then this is an ideal location to start your experience in mountain climbing.


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