Parque México

Av México s/n, Hipódromo, Cuauhtémoc, 06100 Ciudad de México, CDMX

The Colonia Condesa neighborhood has been for the past 2 decades one of Mexico City’s most concurred destinations for quality restaurants, cafés, boutiques, and nightlife. Its combination of chic and bohemian has set it apart from other neighborhoods as a hotspot for culture and creativity. Trendy clubs, bars, and other businesses catering to the entertainment needs of the city have come and gone, but anchoring this old and historical neighborhood is the Parque México (“Mexico Park”) located at its core. This park has become so popular that on some weekends it’s a real feat in physical dexterity to avoid the many hipster locals, tourists, strollers, and dogs ambling around the corridors of the park. Families intertwine with skateboarders while “pickup” soccer games are played at a close distance.

The Art Deco decorations and flourishes found throughout the park only add to its aesthetic allure, the iconic ironwork clock tower was also built in this architectural style of the 1920s, as well as the Foro Lindbergh (“Lindbergh Forum”) which is made up of five pillars marking the stage area which is decorated with murals painted by Roberto Montenegro. The Foro Lindbergh was recently renovated and some contend the colorful graffiti that was removed provided some of that “casual chic” that the La Condesa neighborhood is known for. Also within the park is a fountain called the Fuente de Los Cántaros, which features a sculpture of a nude woman holding two water jugs.

The Parque México was built in 1927, a few years after the horse racetrack Hipódromo Condesa was demolished, in the Art Deco and European styles that were prevalent during that decade. The park has a total area of 9 hectares and is decorated with ponds (some of them containing ducks and swans), fountains, and walkways, there are numerous children’s play areas as well. Some of the surrounding buildings outside of the park are also constructed in an Art Deco style, which only adds to the whole aesthetically pleasing experience. There are good restaurants to be found just outside the park as well, such as the Terrace & Restaurant that offers quality Mexican mixology, such as delicious drinks made with mezcal.

The park is a 7 minute leisurely walk away from the Metrobús Línea 1 “Campeche”, and if you’re visiting the popular La Condesa neighborhood for the day, make sure to stroll around the park and enjoy its energetic atmosphere.


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