Parque Hundido

Av. Insurgentes Sur S/N, Extremadura Insurgentes, Benito Juárez, 03740 Ciudad de México, CDMX
55 5605 4327

One of the many attractions encountered along Avenida Insurgentes is this peculiar park which sits below street level thanks to the fact that it was once the site of a brick company, the Compañía Ladrillera Nochebuena. The company excavated tonnes of clay out of the earth and when they left, the city couldn’t find a way to replace all that clay, so there it lay as a gargantuan empty pit. By the 1930s, as the Avenida Insurgentes was gaining prominence and being expanded, the pit was planted with trees and paved ways were built, and became the beautiful park known as Parque Hundido (“Sunken Park” in English, and its official name is Parque Luis G. Urbina).

Visiting during the week can be a tranquil experience, one can wander around the pathways and even visit an open-air display of archeological finds, featuring the cultures of the Zapotec, Mayan, Olmec, Totonaca, and Huasteca. There’s a big area for dogs that is collar-free, where you can unleash your best friend and let him or her mingle and learn social etiquette with other furry friends. The park is also an excellent choice to work up a sweat and jog around its tartan track that takes you all over the park, up and down its winding paths. There’s even an exercise area with several workout apparatuses and a jungle gym for kids.

Parque Hundido features the country’s largest floral clock, which is located right at the main entrance off Avenida Insurgentes; the clock sits at the base of a large Mexican flag and a few fountains. There’s no cost to access any part of the park and getting there is the easiest thing in the world, you only have to get on the Metrobus Línea 1 and stop at the Parque Hundido station, there you’ll see that the park is right outside the station.

On weekends the activities, especially for children, can get more interesting, there’s a mini train chugging along the park providing a scenic ride for adults and little ones, there’s also people renting electric cars for children, which can be mounted and ridden by the kids. Cotton candy and popcorn vendors can be seen on the premises, as well as ice cream sellers if it’s a hot day. The lush green vegetation is a welcome refuge from the busy city noise and an entire day can be spent idly away in the park if you’re not in a rush. Hot, cold, or even on rainy days, Parque Hundido always retains its charm.


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