Museo MUAC

Av. Insurgentes Sur 3000, C.U., 04510 Ciudad de México, CDMX, México
55 5622 6972

One of the most modern-looking architecture in all of the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s (UNAM) campus can be found in the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC), which was designed by architect Teodoro González de León and built over the span of 2 years, finally being completed in 2008. The museum has the purpose of promoting contemporary art among the students of UNAM, the residents of the city, and the many visitors from out of town it receives every week, its collection consists of Mexican works of art from 1952 onwards that are representative of contemporary art.

This beautiful construction came to be a part of the Centro Cultural Universitario, an older project started by UNAM in 1976 to make a serious concerted effort to promote arts & culture among its student body and the community at large. The Centro Cultural Universitario is a comprehensive “mini campus” for the arts located inside the larger main campus that has a theater, a concert hall, a venue dedicated to experimental theater, a sculpture garden, two cinemas dedicated to art films, a couple of libraries, among other venues that make a visit to this part of UNAM a real worthwhile experience.

Works inside the MUAC range from paintings and drawings to video and sound installations, which are displayed throughout its two-floor, 14,000 square-foot exhibition area, which also contains multi-purpose rooms, workshops, warehouses, and a subterranean parking structure. Saturdays and Sundays seem to be the busiest days and you can find entire families outside the premises on a sunny weekend. Tickets are $40 pesos and you can purchase them on location or online, the museum is right in front of the “Centro Cultural Universitario” Metrobús Línea 1 station.

Some of its temporary exhibits are what really pull in the big crowds, the allure of being able to witness a temporary exhibition is something that always attracts the art aficionados. Some of the popular exhibitions in recent memory are, for example, the one for Brazilian sculptor and conceptual artist Cildo Meireles, as well as Peruvian artist Fernando Bryce; many of the exhibitions feature interactive audio and video. The MUAC is an exciting component to a large area of the campus already devoted to art & culture, it can easily be a part of your day if you’ve decided to visit the UNAM campus and see what it has to offer culturally.


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