Gran Logía del Valle de México

Sadi Carnot 75, San Rafael, Cuauhtémoc, 06470 Ciudad de México, CDMX


The Great Lodge of the Valley of Mexico is the headquarters of Freemasons in this same country, its architecture isn’t that impressive but it’s a location that holds significant influence on the fabric of the local culture. There are busts of famous Mexicans that were Freemasons (sometimes unbeknownst to their fans and the general public) like Cantinflas, for example; also available on the premises are other freemason artifacts and an auditorium decorated with murals. The members of this freemason Lodge have also had the tradition of meeting at a neighboring café called El Gran Premio (“The Big Prize”) a 50-year-old café located at the corner of Antonio Caso and Sadi Carnot streets. The Great Lodge is located in the San Rafael neighborhood of Mexico City, just a couple of blocks from Insurgentes avenue and the Metrobús station “Plaza de la República” from Línea 1.

The full name of the lodge is actually The Very Respectable Great Lodge of the Valley of Mexico and it’s the most concurred in the country, it focuses primarily on the Ancient and Accepted Old Scottish Rite. It was created in 1862 after the political differences between then-president Porfirio Díaz and then-Grandmaster of the Lodge of the Valley of Mexico Ignacio M. Altamirano caused a rupture in the freemason fraternity in Mexico which culminated in the ousting of Altamirano from the group.

The Great Lodge of the Valley of Mexico consists of 316 smaller lodges and they sometimes appear in the media debating political issues, such as when in 2019 they petitioned the government to separate the church even more from activities that pertain to the public servants, such as the handing out of the “Cartilla Moral” (“Moral Card”) a document that serves more or less as evidence of good behavior.

The unassuming appearance of the building marks a stark contrast with the 150 years of history that has unfolded within its walls; but as many already know, that’s the way the freemasons like it, to create an aura of subdued mystery around its organization, and not make any too much noise. The Great Lodge isn’t open for visits, with the exception of the hall of busts that have Santana and Vicente Guerrero on display beside the aforementioned Cantinflas. If you would like to see the rest of the Lodge then you would have to join the order.


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