Exposición de Autos Club de la Elegancia

Av. Sta. Cruz, 52790 Dos Ríos, Méx.

A unique experience that might be off the beaten path for visitors to Mexico City is the auto show Gran Concurso de Elegancia (Elegance Grand Competition) in the neighboring village of Huixquilucan in the State of Mexico (one of the 32 Mexican states). The town is located to the west of Mexico City and is connected by Highway 6. But for any car enthusiast, it’s a great getaway with the opportunity to admire some beautiful vintage machines that many times are one of a kind, or have only a handful of counterparts in the entire world. The owners and exhibitors of the cars are very welcoming and usually just very excited to talk about their prized possessions to anyone who will lend an ear. And even if you’re not a car aficionado you won’t deny the beauty of for example a fully restored 1931 Ford V painted in a dazzling shade of blue.

The Gran Concurso de la Elegancia is an internationally recognized auto show, where international judges are the ones in charge of evaluating each car, and awarding those machines they deem worthy enough of the Best in Show and other prices. Each car must be fully functional of course, and most, if not all, go through a renovation process that focuses mainly on what’s under the hood. Most vintage car models have long been out of production, or have parts that are extremely difficult to find, or sometimes even the whole company has gone under decades ago! The restoration process usually takes more time and is more expensive than the work needed on that pretty exterior. Over 400 cars are on display at the auto show, all of them in pristine condition and fully functional drivability.

Some of the most prestigious car companies also take the opportunity to present their new models to this automobile-loving crowd. Most attend with their families and for this reason, the Gran Concurso de la Elegancia has included family-oriented activities into its entertainment selection, such as musical presentations, fashion shows, and a wide selection of culinary options for the whole family. Plus there’s a restaurant called “Las Caballerizas” for a more formal dining experience. Tickets for the event cost between $400 and $500 pesos per day (kids pay $150) and usually, the event takes place on the first weekend of April of every year.

The Gran Concurso de la Elegancia auto show puts on display not only the beautiful (and expensive!) machines but also Mexico’s love for the culture surrounding the automobile.


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