Delicious Ecuadorian Food, You Must Try

Where to Try Ecuadorian Food?

Qué Hay México team took on the task of visiting an incredible Ecuadorian food establishment in Mexico City.

Lawa Restaurante is located: Nápoles 60, Colonia Juárez. CDMX

¿How did Lawa Restaurant start?

Passion and dedication can make dreams come true, and this has been the case for sisters Sol and Joselyn. They have established a beautiful restaurant in CDMX that honors their Ecuadorian roots.

LAWA is an Ecuatorian restaurant located within a big beautiful house from the Porfiriato era in Colonia Juárez, just a couple of blocks away from Metrobús Hamburgo.

It specializes in food from the southern part of that country, which incorporates a lot of seafood into its dishes, and features a heavy influence from Peruvian cuisine, which can be seen in its ceviche macerated with onion.

Flavor + Culture = Ecuadorian Food

The project is sisters Sol & Joselyn’s brainchild, and it has the tagline “Flavor + Culture” as a part of its name because they feel that these two things are its essence.

You can notice from its carefully selected furniture to the good taste present in the decor of the locale that there’s a penchant for art and culture. There’s a mural featuring the visage of Dolores Cacuango on one of the walls, which serves as a colorful tribute to this tireless social leader who fought for the rights of the farmworkers of Ecuador.

Sisters Sol & Joselyn opened LAWA more or less a year ago after visiting Mexico for work and eventually deciding to stay. All they had was a dream of creating a space where they could worship their cherished Ecuatorian roots in the new city that had captured their hearts.

Restaurante Law

Community of Ecuadorians "Lawa Restaurant"

Currently, there’s a community of around 4,000 Ecuadorians in CDMX, and they’re the ones who represent a good portion of the clients that visit LAWA on the weekends.

They especially like dishes that are typical of their home country, such as the bolones de verde (fried plantain balls), mote pillo (corn grains wrapped in cooked eggs with a touch of milk), and tigrillo (a mix of plantain with cheese, egg, pork rinds or beef); or it could be an “encebollado” dish filled to the brim with shrimp and prawns; or even biting into a “pepito de chancho” (a pork sandwich) can make them feel like they’re munching on a little piece of Ecuador.

This delicious food isn’t for Ecuadorians only; any person in CDMX will surely find LAWA as their new favorite restaurant if they only try it once; their tasty dishes are made with the freshest ingredients of the finest quality.

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