Centro Cultural de San Ángel

Alvaro Obregón, Av. Revolución S/n, San Ángel, Álvaro Obregón, 01000 Ciudad de México, CDMX
55 5616 1254

One of Mexico City’s most charming neighborhoods is San Ángel, a historic location in the southern part of the city. San Ángel was once a sleepy village far removed from Mexico City, and in a similar fashion as Coyoacán, it still retains that quaint type of charm, with its cobblestone streets and big colonial houses, enveloped in colorful bougainvilleas. The neighborhood has always been picturesque but has been lately resurging as a gastronomic and cultural hub of the city. Around its main plaza, Plaza San Jacinto, a string of exclusive restaurants have been established, the old XVII century church of El Carmen is now a museum and on weekends there’s a healthy number of tourists and locals enjoying their day around the other shops, cafes, and boutiques in the area. Local painters also put their most recent works up for sale at a bazaar in Plaza San Jacinto.

But the neighborhood’s main place to feature the artists’ work is the Centro Cultural San Ángel, which also provides a plethora of classes designed to promote sustainability and social development, from flamenco classes to gymnastics. The building was first built in 1887 by architect Luis. G. Anzorena as the municipal headquarters of San Ángel, and the original clock that was installed on the front of the building still keeps working to this day. In 1952 it was converted into the center of the whole Delegación Álvaro Obregón (a much wider area that includes San Ángel), and finally, in 1988 it became the cultural center.

The cultural center is appreciated by the residents of San Ángel as a place where they can enroll in many types of dance classes, like the aforementioned flamenco, and also classical and regional dances, ballroom dancing, etc. There are musical presentations at the center and theater plays as well. It hosts the Ignacio López Tarso theatre which features an Italian-style stage and has a capacity for 400 people and features a variety of theatre plays year-round. You can check out their calendar of plays, and purchase tickets, at this site: https://www.ticketmaster.com.mx/centro-cultural-san-angel-boletos-mexico/venue/163971

The Centro Cultural San Ángel is located right at the “entrance” of the historic part of the neighborhood of San Ángel, right at the corner of Revolución Avenue and Madero street, in front of Plaza San Jacinto, and where the collection of cobblestone streets really starts. Tickets to one of the plays, like Wenses y Lala which is currently playing for the first half of 2022, cost $392 pesos. A visit to this cultural hot spot is a convenient addition to a whole day of sightseeing in beautiful San Ángel.


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